I have been in the market for 3+ months studying different systems and doing all sorts of comparisons on panels, inverters, companies, price etc. Had many experiences including many companies falsely advertising Hunwah QCells and selling Hunwha HSL (inferior) panels, some companies advising Bosch and SMA Sunny boy as Hybrid /Battery ready inverters which is highly misleading because both need additional battery inverter (sunny island etc) to connect battery which cost additional $5K Plus battery. Evergreen Solar and the sales Rep Bravo stood outstanding in this whole lot, because they provided truthful and sensible advise. He even provided genuine advise during one call when I told him I’m holding off on my decision to buy a solar system. If they don’t know something they will tell you upfront instead of bluffing When I went back to him after a month, he straight away beat the offer from other companies. I paid the advance on a Thursday afternoon and the Installers were on my Property next Tuesday morning. The electrician (Sammy) was also very professional and completed installation by afternoon and explained everything I need to know on the solar system in detail. He even explained & marked the switchboard (grid connection) since we bought the property recently and nothing was marked. Another good thing is they completed the installation with 2 strings as north and west facing arrays without any dramas. They explained which alignment is likely to produce more and meet my energy needs based on time and also considered my opinions on aesthetics. Most other companies try to charge a premium for multi string installations. The Inspector promptly came on Saturday and was happy with the installation and commented on the high yields. My 5.2 KW Jinko panels + SMA Sunnyboy system is consistently producing ~20 KW each day in autumn (acknowledge it was quite sunny past few days) and am pretty proud of the system.

Anish from Wyndham Vale , Vic 3024

The system Evergreen Solar Power installed was exactly what I wanted. Perfect! It was installed at an excellent price, and I couldn’t find one cheaper. Exceptional service and professional installation.

Aaron From Melton, Vic

the work evergreen solar did was great 4-5 stars for everything! the price was competitive but for value is was the cheapest… if you know what I mean. I would definitely use these guys again and have already recommended them to other people!

Greg From Berwick, Vic

Going solar with evergreen solar power has been good experience. very affordable with great price also very well in after service as well.

Bhumika from Keilor Downs, Vic

sales rep is fully-informative and electrician team is very friendly…………i would definately recommend to my friends

Nimit from Truganina, Vic

It was a pleasure to deal with Evergreen Solar. There word was there word. Installation was professional. Happy to recommend.

Andrew from Tarneit, Vic

Harry was very professional and informative. Installers on time, polite and efficient. I was so please dealing with Company, I recommended them to two family members who both placed orders with Harry. Well done to the whole Team at Evergreen Solar.

Peter from Taylor’s Lakes, Vic

Excellent service right from the start of the enquiry to completing the installation.Both sales & installation teams are very professional. $$$ well spent. Highly recommend

Pradeep from Sunshine, Vic

Great service all the way, i’m a very satisfied customer and will/do recomend.

Ana from Meadow Heights, Vic

In summary, an excellent pre-sale and post-sale service and assistance. All my queries were attended in a timely and professional manner. Sales rep and electricians were very friendly and well informed. Have already recommended friends to go through this company for solar installation works.

Bhavik from Tarneit, Vic

I chose evergreen solar power for my solar power system because my friend was happy with your service and recommend to me, getting 9.5 kW system in very competitive price and. System was install within 2 weeks and installation done in very professional manner, I found the installer friendly and polite. Keep up the good work!…

Toni from Coburg, Vic

Top installer (electrician), inspector said he really knows his stuff. Overall very informative and helpful even after installation.

Tio from Deer Park, Vic

Evergreen Solar did a good job. In stead of letting bills soaring up to the roof with the energy retailer, its better to put Solar panels on the roof.

Mang from Rowville, Vic

Excellent service from start to finish – electrician who installed the system was exceptional. The inspector was most impressed with his work: so that was really saying something. We would highly recommend Evergreen Solar Power to anyone looking for a high quality product, professional service and very competitive prices.

Carolina from Donvale, Vic

we were very happy with evergreen, from start to finish. good value, good professional service. prompt installation, We would happily recommend this buisness

Sue James from Werribee, Vic

Good price very quick installation only a week from quote.

Keith Potter from Cranbourne, Vic

I have just installed a 5KW solar system on a double story tiled roof. The roof space I had meant that the panels needed to be installed in a NE direction, and I needed to split the panels, 12 on the top story and 8 on the lower story garage roof. I did a fair bit of research before going solar, in particular reviews on panels and inverters. I decided in the end to go with Renesola panels (20) and a Growatt 5KW Inverter which has Dual MPPT. This is important, as I learnt with string inverter systems, the system is only as powerful as the weakest link. One of the panels on the lower story would be shaded until around 11.00am, so output from that section of roof would be lower until it was all in full sun. By having the Dual MPPT on the inverter, the top story panels are in full sun and generating full power from early morning (3KW), then once the sun hits 11.00am, the second section is in full power (2KW). So all up the system is showing about 4800W power generation when at peak and have been able to generate 25KW of power each day. I would recommend that anyone looking into Solar first shops around, you will likely be offered the cheapest panels and inverters, do some homework, I probably spent $1000 extra in choosing better quality Renesola panels but think it is worth it, the whole system set me back around $5700. I chose Evergreen Solar as they seemed to have the best pricing for the system I wanted. They were professional, they came out to my house to do a pre sale inspection and I got a written quote afterwards to make sure there were no installation surprises (such as meter box upgrades etc). The installation guys were very good and knowledgeable, it was a shame that they started work on a Monday, but due to poor weather only made it half way through, surprisingly they came back the following Sunday to finish it off! So at this stage I am very happy with the choice of going with Evergreen and the system selected. The only very minor gripe I had, now that I have the system I wanted to setup monitoring for it, Growatt have a WiFi adaptor that you can connect to the Inverter and connect it to your home ADSL WiFi router, Growatt have a web site that you can then log onto to view the power generated out of the system…Evergreen don’t sell this and I had to get it from another supplier ($130)….there is a bluetooth wireless monitor they do sell, but from my perspective I want to see daily and monthly generation trends…so something I would recommend Evergreen look to supply as well in the future. Otherwise they did a great job.

Glenn from Sunbury, Vic

First of all i need to say thanks for gave me competitive deal about solar. ever green solar did all my installation on the time with accurately. so for ever green solar company = unique service + competitive price in solar installation.

Mahesh Mishra from Eumemmerring, Vic

Evergreen Solar sent a rep to discuss solar installation. He was very knowledgeable and gave good advice. When I decided to go with them, they came out very quickly to do the installation, and did a very good job. The system was up and running with one and a half weeks of installation – all inspections carried out and meter adjusted for reverse flow. Would recommend them to anyone.

Monica from Pakenham, Vic