3.0 kW Solar Package


Panels: 12 Hi-efficiency Solar Panels

Inverter: Australian Approved Solar Inverter

Roof Area: 21.6 m2

Price with Solar Credits: Call to Confirm*


12 x 250watt of accredited High Efficiency PV Solar Panels

30 years of Solar Power System performance warranty, warranting a 91.2% rated capacity performance over 12 years and a 80.6% rated capacity performance over 30 years.


3.0 kW CEC Approved Grid Connected PV Solar Inverter. Inverter comes with 5 years of manufacturer warranty, 10 years of optional warranty is also available.


Fully installed by CEC(Clean Energy Council) accredited Electrician

Terms and Conditions

For Average Daily Production Please refer Clean Energy Council (2011), Solar PV Consumer Guide, available on